It was morning.i can’t remember which day it was. We had just finished morning devotion and I was about to start cleaning the house. “Daddy!” I called. “I want to start calling you Pops”. He looked at me, tried not to smile and said “pops ko, pops ni.” “Call mi Baami” he added. We laughed over it and that was it.

On this day that fathers are celebrated all over the world. I want to say how proud I am having him as my father. His name is Kayode Olutimehin.

My mum usually reminds me of how he was the first person to give me a birth after I was born. We lived in Bauchi, my dad’s mum was late and my mom’s mum was in Ibadan. no Grandma was around and he did it. No wonder I look so much like him (have you seen the way our mouths look when we concentrate?😂😂😂😂)

Lemme tell you something that happened some years ago as told by my sister.

One of those nights, unwanted visitors stopped by our house in the midnight (there were just two houses on the street at that time cos it was a relatively new area o)and jumped into our compound, started hitting the door. They didn’t stop at just hitting o. They spoilt the door and entered into the house. entered the living room and then the guys’ room. Entered the courtyard and would have entered my sisters’ room but he distracted them.

The robbers went to his own room instead and with the bravest daddy, the robbers ran away. Ask me what he did later and I’ll tell you,
]Ive learnt so much from this man and not only has he been a great dad. He has taught other children men to be great daddies..

Shout out to all the daddies out there who are intentional about raising children that will bring God glory. May you live long to enjoy life with grand children and reap the fruits of your labor.

Those who are not yet daddies, let this be a time of grooming. I’m sorry if you didn’t have an experience like mine but you can make up your mind to be a man of honor, to be a daddy that showing the love of Christ to his children will always be his priority, to be a man that will intentionally teach his parents correct set of values, to be a man that his children can actually look up to, to be a man of God within and without the home, to be a man that loves his wife like Christ loves the church, to be a man who is the head of his family in words and deeds.

Happy fathers’ day dad. You’re the best!

N.B You can read This one my mummy wrote or This one I wrote both for my father

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