My letter to God

My letter to God


Daddy, how are you? Lol. I know you are amazing. You are the greatest and there is nobody like you. It feels so cute writing this letter even though I know you already know everything I’m about to write. I have Gist for you father.

You see this last week ehn, it has just been turnioniown. Let’s just say I want you to help us fish out the bad guys cos they have caused so much trouble already, chaos actually. It started last Friday when that video was released. Then some other videos were released too. I’m pretty sure some more will be released. So many people have reacted to the video. Some were wise. Others, I don’t even know what to think or say about them.

See ehn Pops, I have not suffered all this kinda thing but I still hurt. I hurt so much that sometimes I feel it in my chest. That video made many other people speak out and I’m wondering how we got here. More baffling are the stories of people who have been taken advantage of by people who are supposed to be shepherds guarding and guiding the flock, be like fathers to my brethren.

I know you still love them o. Please help my hurt brothers and sisters. Some of them have been scarred for life but I know you’re the greatest healer. Help them heal and forgive. I also want the guilty people to be prosecuted. Daddy I’m not wicked o. Just that the law of our country condemns all they did.

I already fell better writing this letter. I know I’ll still feel much better with those your comforting arms of love. I always love it😍😍

In other news daddy, this year is much more better now than in the beginning. Thanks to you. It’s so good having you as a father and a friend. I’m stronger and better. I was unexciting when my birthday was approaching but I’m past all that rubbish feeling now. I’m so grateful.

Please ehn, don’t forget all that we talked about. My IELTS result is valid for just one more year and I’ve not had access to scholarships. I’m sometimes tempted to worry about it cos I drank garri to pay for it and I’ve not gotten itπŸ™. Anyway I know you always got me. Please just remind me every now and then cos different stuff happen all the time and I mistakenly forget.

Lest I forget, I’m happy for all the things going on for my guys. Good news left, right and centre and I’m so happy. It reminds me of the fact that my miracle is closer than I thought it was.

How’s my grandma? She must be making everyone laugh abi? How did she even react when she saw her husband? Was she still in love or they don’t feel such things up there? Help me greet her and tell her I miss her. Greet grandpa too. I never met him anyway but I see he was a handsome man on this side of heaven.

This your baby girl loves so much. Help me to help others how much you love them too.

With love

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