Diary Of A Dawn Walker (7)

Desires aren’t enough
It’s got to be Intentional

Obviously it’s been a while folks
That we have walked down the aisle of Dawn walk talk
Hope you will embrace this like an old bride
Receiving her long travelled groom

You see my Dawn walk too has been a while
Sorry am not saying that with a pride
For that which is of utmost importance
Is taken aback without a care

So then I got up and talked to me
Funmi you have got to be Intentional about your Dawn walk
For you know it’s not just a walk
But a call to see God’s parade of glory
When you catch a glimpse of awesome
A time of used strength renewed and fresh strength released

So my dawn walk is a solemn reminder
That I have got to be Intentional
About my walk with my Savior and friend
Down the aisle of growth we must go
Hand in hand we must walk
Desires aren’t enough
Intentionally I will have to keep growing and going


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