Lessons my father taught me



1. I am a woman of integrity
I come from a no-lying -and-always-keeping-our-word family. I tell the truth even if it costs me my life.

2. I have value
I am a person of value and this fact reflects in the way I handle my relationships, how I handle things I own, how I handle other people’s property. I treat people with respect.

3. I have joy with or without money
Money, as important as it is, doesn’t determine whether I have joy or not. My price is far greater than money so it is not the source of my joy.

4. My children are God’s gift to me
I accept them as God’s prized possession and therefore, I treat them as such.

5. I am honorable
I am clothed with honor and I will not do anything to dishonor myself. I do not lie, neither do I cheat. I am fair in my judgement. I do not live above my means. I do not beg or borrow or steal.

6. I am a giver
I give. I a m a giver. I give to God, I give to people. because I give, I never lack. I give my time, I give my money, I give my resources, I give love. I give without expecting anything in return.

Many more lessons I have learnt from my father . Not enough captions to capture them.
I have learnt to find happiness in little things. In the laughter of a child, In drinking my bottle of malt, in eating one cob of maize. I have learnt the value of family, I have learnt family values. I have learnt what it means to sow seeds of kindness. I have learnt to be hospitable. I have learnt to be responsible. I have learnt to love and i have learnt to trust.

I love you daddy

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