The Adventure Of A Warrior So Tender

The Adventure Of A Warrior So Tender

For My Tender Warrior On Our Wedding

Warriors fight battles
And you are fighting
Your own so well
But the dimensions
Of your warriorship
Is visible for all to see

A warrior so many
A warrior so tender
Wading off the enemies
Embracing and protecting
Your own within

A husband to one
A father and friend to many
So many lives being blessed
Through the blessedness
That you have received
All from Grace throne

The fountain you drink from
Fresh ever refreshingly fresh
You also share with many
A thirsty souls
Giving them life
Life so full to overflowing

Dear tender warrior
Your tenderness has tenderly
Helped to draw my heart
To the One who made us one
And made you so tender

Everyday every time
Many times all of the times
Yo keep nudging me
“Pushing me”tenderly but firmly
To be my very best
For the One who made one

Dear husbandman
Dear tender warrior
May we both live
to enjoy more grace

You already know it
Tender Warrior
That I love you Now
I love you forever
I love you forever after now

Funmi Olutimehin

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