Sometimes irregular

Sometimes irregular

Tell us! Are you the one?

John was in the prison at that time, after hearing everything Jesus was doing, he sent his disciples to ask Jesus if he was the one the prophet said would come.

Picturing this, John’s body temperature must have been around 29 degrees Celsius. He was so hasty, thinking that Jesus would come to his rescue immediately, as to how he will just speak the word and instantly, he will be out of prison. That was John’s expectations,

I mean, Jesus is the Messiah na, so that one na small thing. But Jesus’ response was an answer way below his expectation. He wanted the disciples to speak of what they heard and saw for themselves. John’s question was because of the circumstance he was in and, this kept him in the chaos of doubt as he wondered if it was the ‘real Jesus. (Matthew 11).

 Most times God uses our circumstances to work out something good for us.

Many of us are the victims of these words “if it’s not going on fine, it’s of the devil, if it’s going on well it’s God”. Let’s not forget all things – the good, bad, little, big things work together for our good. Don’t put your faith in your expectations but in who God is.

Most times, our expectations put us in prison which though not visible, holds us down so much; the prison of disappointment, bitterness, brokenness, which prevents us from seeing what God can do and will do, this prison is in our mind and head. 

Let’s not put God in a box or make a specific mathematical formula for him, it will be like this or that, he will take this step and roots.

His purpose is more real and his plan is way bigger. Believe it, our expectations and imagination won’t be God’s ways every time. He exceeds far more than what we think or ask for. Jesus spoke in parables so that the learned won’t use their wisdom to discern it quickly, he wanted both learned and unlearned to receive revelation to understand it and that’s through the wisdom of God.

Let’s not glory in our ability, but with faith, let’s walk, worship, and watch what God will do for us. We have been disappointed, I have been disappointed. Let me tell you this annoying thing, we will still be, but it’s for all our good. The righteous foot won’t be moved even in the face of trial, because we know he loves us and everything is working for good through him.


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