The Vine and The wine

The Vine and The wine

Create your own happiness
Glory in your own vibes
Let the sound of your music vibrate
In and out of the world around you with a blast
Enjoy your great moments why it last

But then be still to know
That there will be moments of still sound
With the greyness of the valley
No sights , no sound just the silence
Moment when the Vine could not milk out the Wine

The happiness you have known
May not produce the joy you ever wish to
The feel of the dazzling sights
May not even enlighten the blindness in your soul

Then it’s time to cease your soul from the funfair and parade of mere glory
Recall your source and go back with a sauce
Dig deep into the well of joy that comes only from the depth within
Connect back to the Vine to get the finer Wine
Then you will be fine on your journey to the next line


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