A scribe according to Wikipedia, is defined as someone who serves as a professional copyist, especially one who made copies of manuscripts before the invention of automatic printing. To scribble on the other hand means to write or draw hastily or carelessly a note.

I’ve also been a volunteer with gospellyricsng for about four years now and most of what I do, is to publish already submitted lyrics of African gospel songs. Sometimes, these lyrics aren’t submitted and I (or some other volunteer) have to listen to the song and write out these lyrics word after word. It feels really cool on some occassions when I can hear all the words all at once. I’m usually proud of myself for how much I am an English guru… Lol

Other times, I have to listen to just one song as many as ten times. Yes. Ten times. I get the correct words and then all the times I didn’t don’t matter anymore. I’m satidfied. I’m also happy to know I won’t be writing rubbish. It’s very important because sometimes, I have to close my eyes to hear what I need to hear.

Although people don’t refer to themselves as scribes anymore, they were very important in the olden days. How would we have the Bible if there weren’t scribes to write down what was written? Think about it. These guys had to be intentional about every word they typed. Wheter or not they knew how instrumental their writings would be for us right now, they did their work with dilligence anyway.

Hearing from God takes intentionality. Hearing from God takes patience. Hearing from God takes patience. Like other skills we have to pick up either by choice or necessity, it’s a skill that can be learnt. Also, like the child who learns to ride a bike, he falls, makes mistakes, gets back up and keep learning. We may make mistakes too. However, learn we must.

Something that will help us see this as crucial is the fact that we remember how days, weeks, moths and even years from now, people will read our notes, our letters, all the one million and one things we have written and will be inspired, will be edified. MAy they listen to sermons we have preched because we litened correctly, we didn’t hear by our flesh, we obeyed God as He wanted us to, and give God praise.

Lastly, babies scribble. They want to write but they don’t even know words. They haven’t learnt. As they begin to learn to read, they learn how to write too. Growth is intentional. Be intentional about it. God is always speaking and is more willing to pour into us than we are ready to receive. Grow!

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