Dis nuh mek sense but ok

Dis nuh mek sense but ok

The saying became popular in 2018 and it is used to express utter confusion laced with a bit of caution. Even though many times, it is used as a joke to cover up for sadness, despair, sometimes extreme confusion, it still makes so much sense in it self.

Of all the more one gazillion things to have heppened in the world, many of them didn’t make sense, at first. Maybe a better way to put it is ‘dis nuh mek sense rite now’ or the fact that is doesnn’t nake sense immediately. A lot of us have gone through processes we could swear we would never go through if we had our way. Look at us a while after, smiling, happy as if that was the best thing to happen to mankind (well it’s the best for some people after salvation).

As much as we walk and work in God’s will, are attentive to his leading at every point of our lives, read our Bibles and pray everyday, some things just won’t make sense. This is not even because we are backsliding. It’s simply because we’re human and God is God. The way God works is more than our human mind can comprehend and that’s why those instructions, those promptings, those leadings, look like foolishness. Afterall, even our believing by faith alone? It’s the most ridiculous thing as far as some people are considered.

Friends, let’s rest in the finished work of Christ and trust that even when it doesn’t look like it, God has our best interest at heart and He’s working everything out.

I imagine Mary (the mother of Jesus) and the conondrum she must have faced, after the angel told her she’d birth a baby without sexual intercourse. Of course it didn’t ake the tiniest atom of sense. Or Sarah, when the angel told her she’d carry her child before the next visit. I would have laughed if I was in her shoes too. I might have even been more dramatic.. Or Daniel, as he walked towards the Lions’ den. or the three Hebrew boys being thrown into the fiery furnace.

Just trust. That’s all God is asking from us who are His children to do. We can’t see all that God sees. Even the person with a 20/20 vision can’t see everywhere at once. We cannot understand everything all the time. Some we do, some we don’t. In all of it, we’ll believe tht the all-knowing God is doing just fine and we don’t have to help Him plan.

Love and light
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One thought on “Dis nuh mek sense but ok

  1. Yeah! Many things that don’t make sense yet will eventually become the most sensible things in the whole wide world 😯😯😯😯😯


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