‘Ah’ was my immediate reaction and I followed it with some ‘no now’, ‘but what happened’ with Mr Coker staring at me, wondering what had happened. ‘Babe what happened?’ he asked at once

I was torn between covering up the issue, saying it as it was or trying to douse the reality. I myself didn’t even understand yet what was happening.

Here’s what happened. We went to Lagos Island to see a family member and were already on our way out of the market when I casually looked at my finger and suddenly realized my engagement ring was black.

Ha! My iyebiye sterling silver. What could have gone wrong? Dis my body sunddenly start producing chemicals that are that corrosive? 😂😂 Abi somebody had touched me with strange thing ni? There are very few thoughts that didn’t cross my mind.

Eventually, I got to tell Mr. Coker what the problem was and I did that, I pressed a finger against the ring unconsciously, wiping gently. I noticed that the soot was coming off. It was just soot guys. Ordinary soot. I countinued rubbing against it vigorously , heaving a heavy sigh of relief. Hope restored o cos that kini is precious😋.

You see how I didn’t notice the gradual darkening of the ring? It’s because I wasn’t paying attention. Afterall, it was just a quick stop to the market. The little foxes had become so many that they had made the vine black.

Thank God it was a redeemable invasion. Sometimes, we’re not as lucky as I was and that’s why we have to be careful. Little habits that culminate to terrible ones, little carelessness that can eventually become completely out of control, we must be wary of them.It’s the same way we see things in our lives which shouldn’t be every now and then and to maintain our shine, we have to constantly clean ourselves with the word and prayer. That’s why the Bible tells us to live circumspectly because we are in the evil days. We can’t afford to live anyhow.

Here’s another analogy.

A lot of people do not know what kerosene lanterns are anymore but when they were in vogue, we frequently had to clean the glass. If not, the light won’t shine as bright as it should.

When the glass was dirty, it didn’t mean the light inside was no longer on. Neither did it mean that the light wasn;t bright. It just meant that we didn;t see the light to be as brgiht as it was because of all the scum on the glas. With a little soapy water and a napkin, all became good once more.

There’s so much scum all around us, believe it or not and that’s why washing ourselves with the divine ‘soap and water’ cannot be overemphasized. Scum is everywhere we go. In the mall, on our screens (ah it’s plenty gan), on the road, everywhere.

As it was with my ring which became clean with my handkerchief and a little patience, it became all shining again. The word of God works in us continuously to keep us consecrated. It’s left to us to submit to it’s authority.

Love and light
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