Self Control

Self Control

There is this phrase, “Accept Me for Who I am” which is being used like the oxygen we breathe in. To some reasonable extent, it shouldn’t be that way.

I am not saying people should strive to change someone or deliberately impose some attributes on someone because they want to be with the person (relationship/friendship wise). I am saying there is room to be a better person.

Like I posted recently on one of my social media, ‘las las, it’s either you change your nonsense or someone tolerates your nonsense’. Either way, it’s best to be the good, loving best version of ourselves.

     This takes me to “self-control”. Frequently, we rant about these words with respect to sexual attraction or pleasure. It shouldn’t be like the fixed model engine for a car.

Self-control cuts across all spheres of our lives, and we should have it. As Christians and people of the kingdom, self-control is part of the Fruit of the spirit. Therefore, we should strive to apply it to all aspects of our lives.

Its there we just need to come to the light of the word and begin to shine it in all areas,be it in our temperament,your use of languages (words),attitude towards fellow humans and even in the same sexual attraction.

We should pray to God and ask the Holy Spirit to help us exercise the Fruit always, all the time and anywhere. Mr flesh won’t want that, but God has given us the power to do all things. (Philippians 4: 13). He controls our lives and he should be the orchestrator of our daily deeds (Galatians 5:25).

Ever since I came into the light that I shouldn’t accept the way I am (character) and refuse to improve. I can be better, I can improve, I can be EXCEPTIONAL. Apostle Joshua Selman was preaching through a sermon he said: ” you can be an exceptional person in all aspects”, and as a lady , when my spouse and my children see me they will call me blessed. I became intentional about certain things in my life. I know that the flesh opposes the things of the spirit, but we should fight the good fight of our faith Jude 3. I pray God helps us to become better in all areas of our lives.

Love and light
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