Shut up

I’m really sorry if that’s coming out a bit rude but honestly, there’s not a better way I can articulate it right now. it’s just simple, or maybe not. Shut up.

So many things happen everyday and we’re always tempted to lend our opinions, to give hot takes and whatever there is to be given as our contributions to these issues. Sometimes, we are wrong. Sometimes, we are right. All the time, we want our voices to be heard. Wahala for you no get loud voice o…. lol

Whatever happens, I want you to always keep this story in mind. It’s found somewhere in Second Kings and my dad refers to this man as Chief Eleenugboro. In case you don’t know what his name means, it is translated as one whose mouth is long. He didn’t know when or when not to talk and that led to his death.

Things had gotten so bad among God’s people; the israelites that parents had started killing their children to eat as food. That’s very ewww by the way. It’s puke-worthy. Amidst dwindling hope, the prophet announced that by the next day, they’ll be ableto buy two large sacks of barley for almost nothing. How more unbelievable could that get?

If I was there, I would probably have smirked or rolled my eyes because what? This man opened his moutuh to say that even if the windows of heaven were opened, it wasn’t possible. Things were very rough, that I’m sure of but the audacity of this man who was suppose to be the right-hand man of the king? No.

He opened his mouth falala and well, that was the end of him. He was trampled upon by those hustling for their ‘palliatives’ and died there.

Maybe you don’t have the audacity to speak like that to your spiritual leader or anybody through whom God gives words for us. Maybe it’s the Bible you read and for so many reasons, it doesn’t make sense especially for whatever situation you’re facing. My dear, while you wait for your head to agree with what your heart believes, keep your mouth shut.

Stop negating the promises of God with the careless words of your mouth. As my mum always says, if you don’t have anything good to say, just keep quiet. It can be hard. It really can be but it’s nonetheless, doable.

God has said it, He’s going to do it. Meanwhile, don’t use your mouth and spoil the work.

Love and light

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