Beautiful bloopers

Beautiful bloopers

God knows I wanted to say “My name is Ifeoluwa Olutimehin. I am a singer and a songwriter” but what signal my brain sent to my mouth was a confused one. I had to rerecord the video a couple of times before I got it right.

See ba, bloopers are fun to watch after we already got the desired result. But while we make those seemingly little but very frustrating mistakes, we get tired and even sometimes, angry with ourselves, with people around us or with situations surrounding our perceived failure.

But maybe we really don’t need to be angry or mad. Maybe it’s okay to be sometimes. I won’t judge you or me either. As much as you don’t want to have keep investing emotional and mental, or even physical energy on projects that we really suck at (and may never really become the best at), we have to to realize the role consistency plays in making us better each day.

Think of people wjo have been celebrated in the world as inventors or reinventors (as there’s nothing excatly new under the sun), they sucked at what they did but kept at it till they got better and even got to be popular for.

Practice makes perfect they say, or not. it’ll at least appreciate whatever skill or talent you’re trying to hone

2 thoughts on “Beautiful bloopers

  1. Yes dear,and most importantly we shouldn’t let others side talks keep us away from trying better at what we want to do. Either good or bad people will still mouth leak.


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