First, then First

First, then First

“Who is the winner?” I asked Victory who I just finished running a 20 meter or less distance with. Victory is the son of My Dad’s protege. Victory is five years old. As it is, I’m Aunty Ife.

He went with me to buy some stuff in the neghbourhood where we live. Why even wouldn’t he have? He was spending a short holiday in Grandma and grandpa’s house and the company was good for me too.

“Who is the winner Victory?” I asked. “Me and you” he quietly answered, smiling at me andignorant of the fact that his words had touched me more than he would ever know.

Today, I’m reflecting on how not so easy it is to be sometimes genuinely happy for people; our feiends particularly or how we always somehow think we all can’t win. we have to step on people or be stepped on by people.

Maybe it’s fear. Maybe it’s sheer insecurity. Whatever it is that makes us feel threathened by the wins of others, is not a good thing. We shouldn’t think our feiends winning had put us at disadvantage. We’ll work hard, pray hard and rely on God’s grace to see the increase we want in life, career, relationship or whatever.


On another note, I know it’s so good to be ambitious. It’s fantastic to be career-driven. It’s superb to not want to let anything stand in the way of your goals. We must however remember that before we are or have any of these things, we are fist humans. Being humans first implies that there are 8 billion other beings too who are humans.

We do not need to trample on people on our way to the top. Don’t you think so? Apart from the ‘the people you meet on your way up are the ones you meet on your way down’ mantra which I think is even wrong by the way (those peole are moving too, however slowly), just treat people right because they are. Not because they are what you need to move higher. Not because you are afraid of meeting them on your way down. Because they are.

Am I saying you should allow yourself be trampled upon and treated like you are worth less than you are? No way. Be human and treat others like humans too.

No need to make others lose for you to win
No bad blood
We can all be winners

Love a light

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