It’s been over a year now since I last saw my sister and I always tell her jokingly, that the next time we get to see face-to-face, may be in heaven.

I miss her so much that sometimes, I wish I can board a bus out of the country and get right on her doorstep.

I mean! How do I explain it? We’ve done practically everything together since we were children. Marriage came and took her away from me. Even took her away from the country, far, far away. I got so scared last year that I may never see her again on this side of heaven. Well, maybe not scared. Just a kittle concerned I guess.

It’s almost four years since my grandma, my once-upon-a-time-only-remaining grandparent went to heaven. I remember her mannerisms every now and then, I remember how she used to pray, how we used to have misunderstandings cos we were roommates, how my dad was her ever supportive ally who could do no wrong in her eyes.

I wish she would come back one last time and receive a befitting send forth cos I mean, Who exits this world by sleeping? My grandmother!

It’s already six months since Godwin left us here without saying any proper goodbyes. Just one morning here, and gone by afternoon. I miss him. We miss him but we’ll see him soon.

I could go on and on and mention all those who I love but are so far away, some as far as heaven. As much as I miss them, I can’t reach them (especially physically). But, I am assured of the fact that we’ll spend eternity together.

I joke with Ibk sometimes and aske her when she and her family will come home (or if they will at all, before the second coming of Christ) and the I go, ‘well, even if I don’t see you now, we’ll see in heaven. Ipade wa bi oyin.

We grief loved ones who have gone and left us here and we really miss them. I, for one, I really do and I would trade almost anything to see them again. While grief can almost snuff life out of us on some days and on other days, it sits beside us like the quiet monster, we know beyond any doubt that on that day, we’ll see again. As long as they were believers.

I wonder what it will be like. Seeing all our friends, family members and being reunited with them once again. They tell us what they’ve been up to in heaven and supply us with a lot of gist and we’ll live happily ever after. We can for now, only imagine.

This is a very important reason why we must pray for the salvation of our family, our friends, and even people who are neither. It will be so nice to see familiar faces in heaven. Don’t you think so? must be the best reunion ever!

“We will meet in the golden city

In the new Jerusalem

All our tears, all our pains will be no more…….”

Love and light
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2 thoughts on “Reunion

  1. We rejoice because we know they are sleeping and we will see again at the Fathers feet. Most importantly we will not stop witness to our family and friends about Jesus.


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