It wasn’t too far into the night but I was getting home later than I thought I would and swish swish my skirt sawyed gently in the evening breeze. I walked as quickly as I could cos there was light in the estate but there’s this thirty metres of darkness between the gate and the first house. No street light unfortunately (or maybe there are. They aren’t just working).

My torch was on and bright enough but for a split second, I felt someone pass, walk around me. Couldn’t even tell if it was beside, before, or behind. I took my stance, ready to hit whoever it was with my bag. at least I thought that would have bought me sometime, enough to run away – to safety.

I looked back immediately and didn’t see anyone, anything. Looked around and still didn’t se anyone, anything. I slowly turned to keep walking, a large part of me still waiting for the monster to come outof it’s hiding place when my eyes fell on the fence I was walking beside. There, I saw it. The monster that scared me.

It wasn’t even a giant like I thought it would be. I was not so fat, not tall at all. It was wearing a dress, like I was, it’s hair packed into a bun. Your guess is as good as mine. It was my shadow.

My shadow!!

Did you get that? There was nothing there the whole time. I was scared of my shadow. Thankfully, no other person was outside on the street so I was embrrased in peace, with no one to laugh at my foolishness. I laughed at myself all the way into our house.

Things to take away as usual;

Nothing I would have done would have made the shadow disappear. I was there. It’s always there. It’s just seen when I stand againts the light. Are there baggage from your past you badly want to forget? Little little triggers and there goes your memory, flooded with stuff you never want to remember.

Dear, stay in the light. Receive this light. Don’t try to stand against it. Let it flood you. There’s nothing to hide in the light. Let it flood all the nooks and crannies of all the terrible mamories you want tucked away for the rest of your life. They keep lurking, waiting for perfect opportunities to tear at you. Soak in this light and live in it.

I’m assuming you know what I mean by the light. In case you don’t, it’s the light of the love of God, of the word of God. Let it reach those places even you think are unreachable. The light heals. It cleanses. It purges. It satisfies. It shines. You only have to allow it.

On another note, everyone has a part of their past they would consider ugly or at least, not as beautiful as the others. Don’t make the mistake of allowing it hold you back. That’s why it’s called past. It’s gone. You did things you weren’t proud of, you were in an abusive relationship, you battled with low self-esteem or any kind of addiction? They’re all gone now. You’re a new creature. Old things are passed away the Bible tells us. You don’t have to be afraid no more.

Live inspite of everything that threathens your existence.

Side note: If you want to have any conversation on getting born again, feel free to reach me.

Love and light

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