Lesson from our generator

Lesson from our generator

It was really sapping. All my strength was drained,I was sweating profusely under the moonlight inspite of the cool breeze.

This was actually  how it was on a Tuesday night. This strength-draining generator of ours is a thorn in our flesh. The funniest thing is that it’s not more than six months old. From the time of purchase till now it has been a problem for us when trying to start it.

On this fateful day, I came back from weekly service and after a long walk,you know how tiring it can be,and hunger was hitting me gbas- gbos. There’s this saying; “I can’t come and kill myself” and that was exactly how I felt.

Thank God I found food at home. As I got in, na so i wash hand chop before any other thing. Meanwhile, my sister was battling with the generator as I was busy munching my food. After eating, I joined the train of pulling earnestly.

My sister already gave up and with that, no light, serious heat, and sleeping early was at stake.

As I pulled through trying to put on the fuel tank, turning off and on the switch, all was to no avail. As a breed from ondo state, I learnt we have agidi (stubbornness), so I continued. That ondo stuff can’t be my identity sha😂, my own is in Christ Jesus so being patient is part of my virtue.

In the process of pulling, the spirit of God just spoke to me or my conscience as I would call it: “why not open the fuel tank to the peak and pull?”,that was just the miracle that happened that day. I was feeling like a champion and of course I was praised.

You know that the scripture says the Holy Spirit will teach you all things? He taught me what to do and I obeyed completely. He brought to my remembrance what an engineer who helped us to service it the last time said.

That’s just the ministry of the holy spirit, he can give you remembrance. What he needs from us is our complete obedience and trust. His character is patient and He already placed it in us. We just have to take advantage of the fruit and yield to it. Patience is part of our daily meal to feed on. It’s a key to go far in life.

He will definitely come through from us.

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Stay yielded

Love and light

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