Last week was really a week I won’t easily forget. I traveeled on the 18th, as Sunday after church service . I’m hoping I don’t get to bore you with this story.

The main reason why I travelled was to attend the International Children’s Ministers’ Conference, a program organized by Children Evangelism MInistry which brings together children workers and parents from all works of life to interact with each other and learn all that God will have them learn per time concerning ministering to children and raising them as arrows in the hands of God. That’s the simplest way I can say it. By the way, it was the 40th anniversary celebration too and we got to see faces we usually don’t see every year.

Lemme tell you what CEM is about. I already mentioned  that it means Children Evangelism Ministry and it was birthed at a time when children were noticably not given proper attention in churches. People didn’t really give in ti the thought that chuldren could be saved, filled with the Holy Ghost and be used by God. Over the years, CEM has helped to train people who work with children to be better equipped in reaching out to them. She has programs through whicih she operates  like the sound education, training, women who care and baby ministry etc. Worthy of note is the fact that my parents have been missionaries with CEM for more than 25 years and God has been faithful.

Back to the story…..

I got home sunday evening and since I knew I would be busy from wednesday till the end of my stay, I used Mondnay to get my hair done, catch up with my folks and get as much rest as I could. The conference started in ernest on wednesday and so I left for camp. My parents were not going to be staying on camp cos’ our house is not far but I was in the choir and I had to camp.

Day 1: Wednesday 21st August. Conference just started and I had to spend some time greting people I had not seen in a while.  Hear (read) something that happened. I was in the camp for choir rehearsal in the morning and was leaving to go home so that I could get my stuff and return to the camp then I met this couple who I’ve known since primary school. They began to tell me how I was in the wrong because I wasn’t comitted to  giving them updates  about all the things going on in my life (bobo matter inclusive). Lord knows I was really upset.

Hear me out and tell me if I’m wrong o. These people (including some othe people o) don’t communicate while I’m away from home and they thinnk I’ll just come and gist them about how I broke my tooth and the fairy took it away. In my opinion, it won’t work.

I had reminded my dad too of the fact that I had started driving so He alllowed me drive his car within the camp. I was happy too since I was in charge of getting the choristers fed.

Day 2: Thursday 22nd August. It was around 10 am. I got the car key fro dad and drove to get food for the choir. I collected the food, loaded the flask into the trunk , tried to turn the car so I could drive back to the hall. I didn’t see the stomp in front of me (please blame it on the fact that the seat is not favourable for me even after moving it the ‘forwardest’) and I hit the car. The front fender of the car came up and with it came my heart too. “What would I tell my dad” was the first thing that poppped in my head. Thankfully there some men around who helped me tie it somehow so I could drive it back to the hall pending when it would be fixed.

I avoided seeing my dad all through the morning till late afternoon cos’ I was woried that he was gonna be mad at me. I eventually got to see him around 6 in the evening. I knelt down and greeted him “daddy good evening” he answered me and gave me a hug.


Why exactly was I running away? Isn’t that how many times we think we’ve wronged God and we begin ‘running away”? We  forget that the father’s arms are open wide and forever is how long He loves us. On a lighter note, let it be known that I have unlocked a new level in this driving thing

What more? I got to perform my song during the conference. It meant so much to me. Sadly, I had to return on sunday so I didn’t even get enough time to suck pleanty breast milk. Hopefully I’ll get to gome soon so I can start from where I stopped. I miss home already

Have a blessed week Y’all
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One thought on “Homegoing

  1. Haha, Ewa, really it’s not fair o & you didn’t talk about how Mama gave you a big hug after doing your song. So you owe me a story another story on that


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