Diary Of A Dawn Walker (Taking A Walk On My Light Green Trail)

Diary Of A Dawn Walker (Taking A Walk On My Light Green Trail)

I have not gone on a walk for a while
Don’t even bother to ask me why
For that will be a story for my blogger someday

Today I decided to do a walk
Setting out with a combo of jumbled thoughts on my mind
I kept looking up for a glimpse of the lazy sun rising majestically from it’s comfort throne( it often look to me like the sun rises lazily)

The more I look, the more I see only a widespread of cloudy
grey sky
Almost shedding its own tears
To give us all an unplanned shower

Right there and all the way there
I smartly held a conference with my heart
And it easily agreed that I should create my own colors.
Simply enough a touch of green and white was all I could think of

I set my brush at work
Dabbing the two colors I have chosen generously on my heart
And an expert says the more the pour of white, the lighter the green
Oh! How my soul longs for the freshness and newness from the greenness
With a transforming effect of peace from the pure whiteness

So you see, truly then my heart gets lighter
With the grey taking its flight
Now it won’t matter how much grey I see in the sky
My heart is bonded to see a dash of green and white
On this my light green trail

Good evening pals
Enjoy the rest of the week

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