Not just yet

Not just yet

It feels rather wierd writing this but it was only when I woke up I knew it was a dream. In the dream, I had determined to write about it so I’m writing it anyway.

My mum presented me with some gifts and the first one I opened (the only one I opened before I woke up) was a Bible jacket. The first time I saw this jacket was about ten years ago.

At the annual conference, Daddy always organized sales of books and toys and other children materials. This year, I saw this very beautiful Bible jacket. I can’t remember the exact colour but it was very beautiful and it was going to be the perfect size for the Bible I just bought. Oh how I loved buying new Bibles. I begged my parents so much for money to buy

this jacket but for one reason or the other, I didn’t get it. Fortunately, the jacket didn’t get sold that year and even the year after but my dad still didn’t oblige. Year in year out, I

kept seeing the unsold jacket that didn’t get to become mine. I felt bad till I gradually forgot about this jacket.

fast forward to the dream.

I opened the first present and I found this same jacket. How did I even know it’s the same one? I don’t know But I was so sure it was the one. My eyes suddenly became teary as I looked at my mother with so much love. Surprisingly in the dream, it wasn’t a specific occasion. It must have been one of those times my parents just wants to remind me of their love for me. Not that I forget though, at least most times.

Everyone has something they always wish they had and it’s definitely like my unrealistic dream of getting a baby brother. I mean those things for which we cry inside and look up and whisper wordless sighs in teh ears of God. Sometimes it feels like we have waited so much and then we give up. How easy it is to forget the promises of God.

Dear, don’t give up. God loves you. You see those dreams that it fells life has shut down, they will come to pass. I know you’re tired. I get tired regularly in fact . Don’t stay tired however. Encourage yourself in the Lord and be of good courage. God’s got you.

Lemme quickly add something that happened yesterday. It was one of those low days and I couldn’t pin point what the problem was exactly. About three people asked me what the problem was and I said it was nothing. I was fine. Time for the evening service was drawing really close and I already felt I was going to lead choruses. I had been running away from it so I wasn’t going to escape it anymore. How on earth was I going to lead people in worship when even me didn’t feel like opening my mouth to sing any song? Anyway I started anf the last song I sang reminded me of the faithfulness of God. I can’t exactly expplain what happened after then but you remember the Bible talks about the peace of God filling our hearts and souls? that’s the simplest way I can explain it.

Don’t forget. We don’t know what tomorrow holds but we know who holds tomorrow and he holds us by the hands and leads us.

Have a beeyouteafull remainder of the week

P.S I don’t know if that jacket is still available . If it is, maybe my mum would read this and give it to me…. Lol

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4 thoughts on “Not just yet

  1. Hello Beautiful, the jacket is still with me now, but it is what it use for the parallel Bible you gave me 😋😋💃💃


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