Leave the wall!!!

Leave the wall!!!

That’s what the swimming instructor told me about a hundred times during the lesson.

Let me gist you from the beginning.

At the beginning of the year or somewhere near, I set my mind to learn new skils and fortunetely, swimming is one of them. i tool the first class sometimes two months agao and honestly, I’m not sure I learnt anything that day. As little as my body looks, it could not float on ordinary water. Imagine ošŸ˜”šŸ˜”

I went for another clas two weeks ago(don’t ask me why I stayed away for that long plis dear) and the instruscotr kept shouting “leave the wall” and I honestly thought he was lousy at some point. “If you don’t leave the wall, you’ll not learn how to swim” he said with the tone of finality in his voice and as much as I tried staying away from the wall, somehow I kept going back there.

I went to the pool for the third time last week and was intimidated by some secondary school students andeven younger kids who came to the pool with their imaginary fins and kept moving like fishes in the water. this strengthened my resolve to be able to swim before I left that day.

Thankfully, I met a guy who was ready to teach me basicsĀ  and wasn’t interested in all the rubbish i had been seeing. He helped me learn a few things and I eneded up staying longer than I planned in the water and looking really pale on coming out. It was all for the better anyway.

Back to the beginning again, “leave the wall” was what my instructor toldĀ  me. I’m certain that why I didn’t or couldn’t leave was because there was that terrible voice in my head telling me I was going to fall and maybe drown and die (don’t judge me for imagining so much o) but that’s what I could think of. You see how limiting fear can be ba?

After taking some lessons, he asked me “how adventurous are you?” We talked about it for a few minutes and he left me with this: “always be ready to leave your comfort zone with instructions”

Maybe all we’ve been hearingĀ  is how we need to leave the comfort zone. Don’t forget however, to leave with instructions.

Most importantly, leave the wall.

One thought on “Leave the wall!!!

  1. Nice one dear,its important to have an instruction, except we would be going zig zag. I hope you have learnt the basics of swimming. can’t wait to see you swim. winks!


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