My love song  – Day 7

My love song – Day 7

For 6 whole days ,I have written my love song for you

My Perfect Award For My Love So Tender

On this 7th day I declared an award for you
An award perfectly just for you
I judge you my handsome sunshine
My inestimable Treasure
Treasure to be kept forever

On this your day of birth,
I can look at you again and again
And declare you still my Warrior
Yeah! My warrior with such a sword
To cut and hurt the enemy without
Tenderly tending his own within

Ishola ,I have judged you faithful
Faithful to the love you pledge to keep so jealously
I have looked at you so closely
I can see your dear heart so clearly
As it often beats for me

With loudest praise from heart
I raise a song of VICTORY
because He who made us one
Has given us a song of love
The mystery of our love lies in the song
That He gave to us

More tenderly you my love
For greater glory I see in you
I love you before now and I will always love you happily after now
Even so now I love you more than you could ever imagined 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

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