Dear Extrovert

Dear Extrovert

Remember the first day we met? It was like heaven on earth. You had so much to tell me and I had nothing more interesting to do than listen. It was perfect wasn’t it? I was the best listener in all of the world and you too didn’t stress me. You had so much energy that all I could do was to sit, listen, smile and someimes laugh till I begin to cry.

Honestly, I miss that part of our friendship. It was all bliss till you began to fell I always didn’t have something to say, or I didn’t even always want to say anything. I want to just sit, looking at you and I always don’t have energy it can just never match yours.

I’m sorry everything turned out to be this way. See ehn, it’s only because we dn’t understand each other so well. We’re quite different from each other and we’ll only remain good friends if we see our uniqueness as an opportunity to help each other so I want you to know few things.

You see your energy and mine, they are on two extremly different levels and I admire you for it but I can’t just seem to match. I’ll be myself instead. I’m always wary of getting exhausted and so I’ll rather pass for some of the things you do. That being said, I’ll aprreciate it if you don’t think anymore that I’m uninterested. believe me when I say I am. Let’s just say I am an enthusiastic conservative.

Another thing is our fun things to do. Many times, you prefer to go out with friends while I prefer to coil up on the couch reading a book with a warm cup of coffee beside me. It’s not because I don’t love our friends. It’s just that being in places with many people drains me so much. I try to go along with you sometimes but I’m not happy that everytime I decline, you misunderstand my action.

Also, it appears you always have strength to talk and all I like to do is liten and smile. Don’t feel bad and think you talk too much (sometimes it seems like sha😂😂 )and I don’t want to. You’re good at it so keep on,

One last thing for now. please don’t ever think I’m slow. You tent to make decisions in a jiffy and honestly, it has saved my ass a couple of times, I want you to be patient with me and allow me, even if I seem to be slow.

I hope we get to always remain friends and work out our differences, I love you so much.

P.S: I’m really sleepy but I’m sure there are some things I’ve left out. I’ll write them in my next letter and I look forward t hearing from you too. XoXo

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