My seven-day song

My seven-day song

Hi guys,

I hope our day was very fine.

In seven days from yesterday, my dad will be a year older and so mummy (as the poet that she is) started a seven-day poem.

“Five decades with seven wholesome years
His love has kept you deep in His shadows
So these next seven days will spell out special love from the Father to son
I am also the Father ‘ s daughter given to this special son
So let it be that I will sing to this son a seven day song that can never be too long🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼”

I’ll be sharing here😁😁

Day 1

I as a Princess was betrothed to my Prince
Lovingly by our Heavenly Father who is the King over all
Ours is a special Kingdom where love is learnt and love learnt is lived
Right in our hearts we often feel it’s beeping and across our world it’s wings are spread like canopy of rainbow coloring our beautiful world

6 decades and not 3 years you have been but
3 decades of full bloom roses of your love my love has grown in this garden of my heart
The thorn with the roses are also part of the story
For the love of our lives the thorns have blended with the roses and the stings have not really been too noticed
Thank you my love for the privilege of being groomed into full bloom rose adorning your own garden of love


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