The Tale Of The Unweeded Garden

The Tale Of The Unweeded Garden

I passed by a garden today
Carefully fenced off from herbivorous animals and pests probably
Might have been a source freshness most likely
But now lies in ruins obviously

Now what could have happened to this once beautiful garden
With the fence broken and the weeds overrunning their boundaries

How I desired to see the gardener
To ask the obvious questions
If that could even repair the absolute ruin
That came upon a garden once beautiful and fruitful

Did the gardener give it up for lack of fruits ?
Or the Gardner took a nap and slept off on it allowing the pest and herbivorous to take over this heritage?

Whatever happened to this garden mustn’t be allowed in the garden of our lives
Where ever the weeds have gathered strength for growth,let this strength be broken

Let great tools be summoned for repairs of the broken walls
And let our gardens be fruitful one more time

Have a fruitful weekend folks
Funmi Olutimehin

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