Ìrètíọ̀la (7)

Ìrètíọ̀la (7)

As I became more aware of my environment, I noticed the woman sitting by my bedside. “who are you?” I asked faintly.Q She told me I was hit by her car and she rushed me to the hospital.

She told me I had been in coma for 2 days and she had been praying for me to wake up. She was glad I just did.

I asked for her name and she told me her name was Barbara Preston. I shared my experience with her and told her how badly I needed to get the light I saw. Barbara only smiled and began to share the gospel with me.

I was still weak but somehow I found strength to listened while she spoke. I almost couldn’t wait till the end of her sermon but I did anyway. I said a prayer after her and received Christ.

Immediately, the room was flooded with light. The same light I saw in my dream. The light was blinding so I became unaware of any other thing but I could feel like this light in my bone. I could feel it even in my blood. I could stay forever soaked in the light.

Then I almost didn’t hear it but I did. It was more gentle than a whisper but I heard it clearly, “Ìrètíọ̀la you are loved and have been redeemed.” I felt strength in every fibre of my being.

Not long after that, I slept back.

I woke up about an hour later when a nurse came to check on me. After examining me, she exclaimed, surprised that I was already fine. She beckoned the doctor who sent me for another MRI and CT scan, all to make sure that I was perfectly okay.

I did those scans and they found out my body was in top shape. The nurse however asked that still stay for the next twelve hours for observation. I was eager to go home but I could use the time to rest anyway so it was fine.

By the next morning, I was ready to go. Barbara was still with me. She said she was going to drive me to school and make sure I was settled properly.

I was discharged on time and as Barbara promised, she drove me to school. She dropped me off at the hostel and gave me her address as I requested.

Before the end of the week, I found a local assembly where I was taught about the decision I made.

I went back home for the holidays with a renewed mind. I shared the love of Jesus with my dad and persuaded him to see a counsellor as I had started doing. I introduced him to Mrs Preston and they became good friends fast enough.

My father died a year later. Thankfully, his life insurance was in top shape and so I had more than enough to keep me for a long time. Mrs Preston too was really supportive.

I’m here today, free from sin and addiction. I’m grateful to God for salvation. I’ve really found hope, thanks to God.

Ìrètíọ̀la made an altar call and found many already on their knees basking in the love of Jesus.

About 20 of them receives Jesus into their lives and Ìrètí went back to her apartment, her heart surging with joy.

In Jesus, she really had hope for tomorrow!!

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