Ìrètíọ̀la (6)

Ìrètíọ̀la (6)

I was on a wide open field with grass-green grasses. I can’t completely describe dhow beautifully the field was but I hope you see with the eyes of your heart.

I saw me. I was dressed differently though. I couldn’t talk to me- the second me. I could tell this Ìrètíọ̀la was beautiful. The beauty was more than just her face. The beauty was a reflection of her transparent spirit. It was from the inside of. Only our faces were the same.

She shone so brightly and made me more aware of how dirty I was on the inside. I became ashamed of myself. I tried to cover myself but closing my eyes made things worse. I could see right through the darkness.

I couldn’t explain it but I’m sure I was sad. I really was. I cried out.

Then she-me spoke to me. “Look towards the light. It’ll dispel the darkness. It always has.”

I looked to her and she was gone. Then I lifted my eyes and faced the sun. The light was quite blinding but it was quite magnetic. I couldn’t take my face away anymore. It felt like I was bathing in this light. I don’t know how long I stayed that way but I didn’t care.

There was just something about the light.


I couldn’t make up the humming sound I was hearing but it sounded really distant. I walked towards the sound.

My eye lids slowly fluttered as I heard her mutter under her breath “she’s back”. I didn’t know where I was but that sure wasn’t my home

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