Ìrètíọ̀la (4)

Ìrètíọ̀la (4)

That was a very big turning point in our lives – dad and I. He pulled through the burial period but didn’t remain the same afterwards. He became so withdrawn. Busied himself so much with work and had very little time for any other thing.

I probably didn’t fully understand what happened but one thing was sure. I was never going to see mummy again. She was my best friend so it scarred me much.

I got admitted into secondary school that same year, a boarding school. I became closer to my friends at school than my father because my father wasn’t talking to me anymore. He wasn’t even talking to anyone. He became a shadow of himself. Of course he still met my needs, needs that money could meet but it felt like I had lost both my parents.

Ìrètíọ̀la stopped to drink a glass of water. She looked round and noticed that she had gotten the attention of most of the boys. Maybe just God had began to stir their hearts.

She continued

My father refused me spending time with other family members and friends. I was with him yet lonely so I always looked forward to going back to school where I had people to talk to.

Unfortunately, I got mixed up with the wrong crowd and learnt things I shouldn’t have. By the time I finished secondary school, I had become waay ‘badder’ than I ever thought I would be.

She thought for a moment. Somethings she could still not share freely. For a second or two, she wash filled with regret for her past but as soon as it crossed her mind, she silently reminded herself that she was a new creation

She wiped a tear from her eye and continued…

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