I forgot to wear my wristwatch

I forgot to wear my wristwatch

It’s not just the title of this post. I actually forgot to wear my wristwatch.

About six months ago, my wrist watch got spoilt and I didn’t get to repair it for whatever reason. So I wasn’t wearing any wristwatch till about two weeks ago when I received a wristwatch as part of the bridesmaids’ package.

Apparently, I had gotten so used to being without it that even when I go out now, I still sometimes forget to put on this beautiful time piece.

Here it is. Second Corinthians chapter 5 and verse 17 says “If any man is in Christ, he is a new creation. Old things have passed away and all things have become new”

Sometimes, even after being in the faith for a long while (define your long while yourself), it’s still so easy to slip into what we have been saved from.

For people who just get saved, it can be really discouraging because you feel like ‘well I’m born again now so I live by faith in Christ Jesus’ yet some stuff still pop up every now and then.

Thank God you are saved and what God has done, nothing can undo. Please just remember that my forgetting to wear my wristwatch didn’t stop me from being the owner of it. Neither did it make the watch stop working.

So when next, it fells like you have made a mistake and the devil starts to try to tell you you’re what you’re not, tell him “I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus”. Tell him you are forgiven. Tell him you are the beloved of God and you have the seal of God upon you which is the Holy Spirit.

The devil will always tell us lies and things that will remind us of our past but a lie is still a lie isn’t it? We have to tell him the truth and this truth is found only in the word of God. So as many times the devil gives us the lie, we respond with what God has said about us. Hallelujah!!

I don’t forget my wristwatch as much as I used to and I’m really happy about that and unlike the wristwatch, God is ever present and His Spirit lives in us so we have nothing to fear.

Live in this truth



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