One day till when I’d start posting the songs videos on my social media accounts and Mr Coker had still not said anything about them. What was he even thinking? How was I going to tell everyone who was expectant? What was I going to do? I started sulking and I didn’t even know I was 😂😂

At a random time in the afternoon, I got a message. Checked and saw that it’s a video. “How did that happen?” I asked myself. Her was supposed to still be out of town and didn’t tell me he was on his way back already

He’d spoilt all my plans to change it for him and I won’t admit my unnecessary worry. He came to me and asked what the problem was. ‘Nothing’ as I always say was my response . Me that I couldn’t admit what it was.🥴🥴😂😪

Anyways, after many jokes to lighten the mood, I finally told him how I was worried that the videos wouldn’t be ready in time and how I felt he was slacking in his commitment. And that slack, was upsetting infuriating .

Layi looked me in the eye and said “Babe, this project means as much as it does to you; to me. I am committed to it and already arranged how it was going to ready, on time.

I could only smile and apologize for my sulking but it later dawned on me how we many times behave the same way with God.

God has said it severally how much I mean to Him and how I’m the apple of His eyes and how He’ll never leave me nor forsake me but every now and then, more frequently than I like to admit, I forget all the promises He has made to me and just want to wallow in despair; thinking about how everyone else has got it going well for them except me.

God is reminding me as much as He is, you, He is committed to you. He is committed to me. I like Jeremiah 31:3 best in the Message Bible and it says “God told them, “I’ve never quit loving you and never will. Expect love, love, and more love!.

I saw a tweet to which I resonated so much with. The writer says ““When you don’t understand God’s plan, trust his character.”

He’s a good God; and He loves you intensely and endlessly.”

It means that no matter what happens, we can trust God. He’s committed to me. He’s committed to you💃💃💃 Gloraaaay.

Stay blessed 🤗

Love and light

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