I had been working in and playing with my phone for a while and it had become very hot. I turned my off for a few minutes and restarted it. Life became much more easy after that.

With so many programs running on my laptop, I was trying to use one stone to kill ten birds at the same time and it was obviously grossly ineffective. I closed all the opened tabs, closed all the running programs, and turned off the laptop. I chilled for a bit, turned it back on and resumed my work. I was less stressed, had more clarity and was able to finish my work in good time.

I had so much to do with about a million ideas flying through my head and I felt like I couldn’t get a hold of myself. I had deadlines to meet and all but what? I closed my books, had a 5-minute power nap, and woke up with so much clarity, with even better ideas than I had before slept.

In all the three scenarios, I had to reboot. Reboot my phone, my laptop, and even myself as the situation required. Life is such that every now and then, we have to retreat. We can’t keep up with the amount of energy we burn on a daily basis and boy, we burn so much.

As much as we need to keep up with the world so we don’t get left behind, we often need to step back and refuel; re-energize ourselves; because if we don’t, one thing is sure to happen. We’ll burn out and will not have energy to do even the things we really need to.

When Jesus chose His disciples, we read that he did so because he wanted them to first be with him and then, that he may send them (paraphrased). It gives me the impression that being with him was a greater priority than going out.

A car that isn’t refueled regularly will wear out faster than it should. An uncharged phone is useless even to the owner. As much as you want to work for God, you want to to make so much undeniable impact, you want to never be seen as idle so you try to always stay busy, you want to put in all the work you can at every given time. You want to always do. How about sometimes being content with just being?

You really should be.




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