Big puzzle; Small puzzle

Big puzzle; Small puzzle

I’ve always loved solving puzzles; jigsaw puzzles to be precise. It’s probably because they were often bought for my sisters and I by our parents.

I got home a few days ago and my daddy showed be a new puzzle set he bought recently, that has like a million piecies (lol those pieces are just 650 but they are really tiny) and I plan to solve it before I leave.

I’ve had to solve different kinds of jigsaw puzzles yet one thing that has remained constant. I always solved the entire puzzle buy solving different little parts of it. Solve the picture of the eagle buy putting together the beak, putting together one leg, putting together the tail, the eyes or any other part I recognize. Solve the little parts and in the end, those little puzzle parts solved makes the big difference. Of course I’ll still have some void spaces but it becomes much more easy.

As effective as solving little parts of a big problem is for jigsaw puzzles,it is effective for everyday real life problems too. These problems most time look daunting, I nogo lie and interestingly, they never end. Try dey rest, problem no dey finish is one of my favorite quotes right now. You thought because you solved a ‘big’ problem yesterday you won’t solve another today or any other day? Leemao

Besides, I really don’t know what defines the size of a problem. Maybe it’s defined by the circumstances surrounding the problem. Maybe by my state of mind when those problems come up. Maybe by the amount of external support I get while solving the problem.

Whatever the case may be, You get the point ba? There’ll always be problems and you’ll have to solve them. Well, not solving them will most likely lead to other problems. Take one day at a time, solving one problem at a time, doing the next right thing and little by little, You’ll fine all the pieces coming together.

Love and light

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