The proven gratitude

The proven gratitude

Bisi and Ola were the siblings of Tade. Their parents were Mr and Mrs Adewale. Tade, being the last child of their parents, always got so much attention and was pampered by their mother. Their father on the other hand was a no-nonsense man.  However,  because of the love the couple shared, he could most times not say no to his wife’s request or suggestion. They were Christians and in fact, a devoted family.


On a Sunday evening, after church and dinner, Bisi the median of the children was thinking out loud. she was broke and she needed to get a book from the store. She was a book lover and most times liked buying them instead of going through the stress of borrowing. She was the book-worm of their family. That evening, she wondered where she would get the money to purchase the book. Pacing the east and west of her room, she said to herself- ” I know mummy won’t give me she doesn’t want me addicted. Daddy will not want to listen to me, he would say my pocket money shouldn’t have been exhausted”.

                      The charge

Bisi was a practical Christian and her books were godly ones. After resting from the pain of thought, she remembered what happened in the scripture. ‘How king Herod was pleased with Herodias’s daughter danced and gave her all she wanted even if it was her mother’s bad influence on her. She also remembered how king Solomon gave the sacrifice of thanksgiving to God and how God blessed him with more than what he requested.

She said to herself happily ‘I have found the solution’. She ran out of her room and went to her father’s study where he was, she started singing: “daddy daddy you are my mirror you are so loving, caring and sweet. .. She eulogized him in their dialect, daddy I’m happy I have you. Mr. Adewale looked at his daughter and there was this smile of pride that came upon his face. She was pleased with the response. He then asked “what do you want my dear?  She was shocked at first, but she made her request. Her father granted it and said, ” you are a wise and intelligent young lady”.


We could detect the expression of gratitude in this short story. How it will be so loving and heart-melting if we go to God just to thank and eulogize him for who He is. He said he inhabits the praise of his people. He is our heavenly Father, he will do more than what we desire if we can be thankful always. Have you dedicated a day to just throw up the pillow of worship to him? And see if he won’t do more than our expectations. He enjoys our worship. David wasn’t the man after God’s heart for nothing. He provoked God with his Dance, praise, and worship. Go to God to praise him leaving things he hasn’t done aside. He will definitely respond.


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