Tales Of The Moonless Night

Tales Of The Moonless Night

The night time tells many stories with its seemingly silence
I love to work late into the night sometimes, a habit I caught while my pearls were still in their father’s loins
Habits they say die hard, so this one is still alive and well in me

Laundry and reading catch my fancy mostly of all labors that the night can bear
So this day I opted to do some laundry
You see I have a lovely domain where I dwell

A place where my weary soul often find refuge on dreary and draggy days
Do you know it’s not so much of the fanciful structure called my house but God’s s creative nature splashed into my space?

So this particular night, I decided to do one of the usuals: laundry. But then I look forward to a communion of seeing the beautiful array the moon had to display.

As soon as I stepped into my courtyard, it was a strong assault of darkness and the stars could care less, almost as if they were non-existent
Then I took a pause to be sure of their presence
It was a silent shout to them, where is the moon? I asked the wordless question in my heart

You need to see the stars staring at me
I did my own staring back and suddenly I remembered that they have their own shine
So then the sky didn’t look so dark anymore
Now tell me Olufunlayo ,why won’t you be thankful for ” little little mercies” while you await the Mega blessing

So the moonless night had a lovely tale to tell after all.
May we all receive inspiration to truly count the blessings of our twinkle twinkle little little stars in the sky
And then we will see the diamond kept in treasury for us

🌕 🌕😁😁

N.B: the moonlight later came out

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