It’s an ingrained word used. Like LOL(laughing out loud), over the years it has been a contagious abb… spreading like an airborne disease. It’s like Welldone SIR(appraisal of someone). Most times, I watch and wonder who was the person that made this word so used and used without deep meaning of it. To my amusement, we use it at a glance at any article or post related to it,even without checking or going through it.

Haba! What a lackadaisical attitude. You could see how vehement I am in the arrangement of my words.

RIP (rest in peace). How often we use this in our world today. The orchestrator of this abbreviation has done a well-done job and deserve some accolades,because of how popular this word have been.certainly not from ME.

Let’s get this straight, what is peace? It’s simply being at ease, free of fear,anxiety and confusion… Rest? It’s to relax,sleep,or cease working. 

How can someone rest later on the other  side when he hasn’t done what can qualify him for rest?

How can someone rest when he hasn’t done the needful?

How can someone rest when he hasn’t surrender his loads to the one that can carry the burden?

How can someone rest when he hasn’t accepted the green card for identification on the other side of life while here?

How can someone rest in the life after when he refuses to heed to the knock of the preachers and he allowed them to dust their foot wears out of his territory?

Rest can only be ascertained by only one way,one truth.He said “sanctify them by the truth,thy word is truth”. ” He is the only way,truth and life ” to one’s rest after this life. He is JESUS..    Why then,not tell them now before the calling of the father,that they can’t rest (spirit man) without Jesus on the other side, before it’s to late. Instead of speaking vain words after their life is gone.

Hebrew 4:1-7 if you don’t believe the good news you can’t enter into rest God has 

promised from the onset. (Paraphrased). Isaiah 48:22 There is no peace, says the Lord for the wicked.

Isaiah 32:17 And the effect of righteousness will be peace and the result of righteousness, quiet and trust forever.

M.I: Rest/peace eternally is for only those who believes and knows the prince of peace..

Abide in His love forever….


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