7th dip

7th dip

I still had a lot to live on. I mean, I was a general and had won many victories for my King. I had many servants and slaves, I had quite a number of children too and I loved them so much and gave them everything they needed. In fact, the girl who attended to my wife was one of the captives from one of our raids in the land of Israel. I had all these and more. There was just one thing I lacked. My skin.

I woke up one morning and found white patches around my elbow. I thought it was just one of those reactions. Little did I know that I had become a leper. I had access to the best of medical attention. Yet, I was still a leper. A leper! A whole army general? A leper. It hit me differently especially when I had to move around Israelites. They regarded me as unclean. Me Naaman?

I couldn’t even enjoy company with my family so much anymore. Of course I didn’t want to infect them with whatever was wrong with me. It felt like I had so much yet, I could not enjoy it.

At one of those raids, we captured a lot of them Israelites and I brought one of the girls home to attend to my wife. Her name, Ahava. She was always quiet, doing all she had to do in time.

One of those days out of the blues, my wife walked up to me and told me what the servant girl had told her. I asked her if she was sure about it and she answered in the affirmative. Immediately, I requested for audience with the King.

As I went to the palace, hope silently sprung up in my heart. Aah heh! I was finally going to be well. I got audience with the Kong immediately I got to the palace and he couldn’t have been happier for me, handing me a letter of introduction to the King of Israel who lived in Samaria.

I left immediately with a lot of gifts to show my appreciation after the deed was done. I left with two servants and off we went.

In not time, we got to the palace and I quickly delivered the letter to the King of Israel, eagerly waiting for my miracle. All of a sudden, I saw the King tear his cloth, his face looking like a ghost. I didn’t understand why he was that full of despair. He looked so troubled too.

I sat there wondering what was happening and after a few minutes, one of the Palace guards ran into the palace and whispered something into the Kings ear. The sadness on the King’s face slowly began ebbing away. He turned to me and instructed me to go to the prophet’s house. I heard his name was Elisha. Elisha huh?

I left the palace immediately and rode to Elisha’s house. I told one of his servants to call his master because I needed to see him. He went into the house and came back without the master. His master said I should go and wash myself in the Jordan River seven times.

Did this prophet know who he was dealing with? A whole Aramean army general? He didn’t even have the courtesy to come out to meet me? Did he even know how big and fine the swimming pool in my house was? Hadn’t he heard of the rivers of Damascus, Ababa and Pharpar ? This wasn’t it. I got pissed off and began to walk away when one of my servants called me back and urged me to give it a try. After all, I would have eagerly done it if it was a herculean task.

After a little reasoning, I decided to give it a try. Seven times he said. We rode to the Jordan River where I pulled off my cloak. I slowly entered the shallow side of the river, a thousand and one things crossing through my mind.

I dipped the first time and came up. My body was still as white as it had been when I left the house that morning. I dipped two more times and I still felt the same. I start getting upset when I remembered seven times. I dipped the fourth time and still looked the same. Dipped the fifth and sixth time. I had only one dip left.

This was the last and the king of Israel would have himself to be blamed if I didn’t get healed.

I closed my eyes tight as I slowly dipped myself into the water for the last time. I came up the water and opened my eyes gradually. Wait! I blinked several times. This couldn’t be real. I let out a squeal. My skin actually looked like I had been reborn. What the prophet said was true. Seven times it was.

2Kings 5:1-14

Dear God has places ideas in your heart or certain instructions on what to do and you have been waiting for that breakthrough and it seems like you’ve exhausted all your options.

It’s okay to be tired and yes, you should rest when you are but you see that word God has given you, hold on to it. You’re closer to your 7th dip than you think.


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