Little by little

Little by little

For whatever reason, the courtyard was the only place daddy had not planted any tree before we moved to the house.Some months later, he came back home with a young plant.It was a Christmas tree. It was still very small so well, we knew we kinda had a pretty kong way to go before it would be ready for Christmas.He planted it in the courtyard and we began to water it.After a while, the leaves began to shrivel and we felt it was because the tree was still ‘adjusting’.After watering it for a while, applying manure and all sorts and it wasn’t responding, all of us save mummy and daddy gave up on the tree. I mean how could we be investing so much time and energy in this things and all it could produce were brown leaves?They(mum and dad) didn’t give u anyway. Kept applying all that could be applied, hoping that sooner or later, it would respond.At a point, since the courtyard was very close to the kitchen, mummy began to pour waste from the kitchen by the plant in a bid to nourish the plant..Well, it paid off eventually. It’s more than 5 years now and the tree is fully grown.(you should have seen it last year with the lights and all 😁😁)In essence, giving up is not an option. in case you forgot, this is a reminder. Continue to pour your water and manure and believe in your dream.Your dream is viable. let not anybody tell you otherwise. It’ll sprout. it’ll grow. it’ll thrive.Múra síi means ‘keep at it’ cos in the end, you’ll rejoice when your courtyard shines the Christmas shine.Xoxo


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