Uncle John

Uncle John

“Uncle John!” I screamed as loud as I could though almost sure that he didn’t hear my voice. Resigning to fate, I stood at the bus stop, ready to wait till I got a taxi going towards Eyenkorin without having to pratice my taekwando fighting skills.

Uncle John, won pe yin o” the man beside me shouted after me, amplifying my cry for help. Thankfully, uncle John heard and stopped, picked me up in his car and took me right to the gate of our home.

Uncle John is an interior and exterior furniture and fitings manufacturer and we live in the same neighbourhood.

I had an even in the town and was going back to Eyenkorin, where we live. It was already approximately 7pm and the curfew was to begin by 8pm. I honestly didn’t know what to do as had heard stories of people who had to sleep through the night in the road because they defied curfew. It was either to go back into town to stay with a friend or fall into the hands of some ruthless soldiers.

Grateful that uncle John heard my call, the call of the man beside me actually 😂😂 I got home safe, sound and in good time

As I’ll mostly say, such is life. If I didn’t shout, the man beside me wouldn’t have heard and wouldn’t have shouted too. I made the effort to cal out for help and my cry was heard🥺.

You need help? Call out for it. Speak up. Sọ̀rọ̀ sókè. Don’t diẹ in silence. Maybe you’ll not always get help the way you imagine you will but let it be that you made an effort.

Yes I get it. People have hurt you in time past. It’s true and I feel your pain but for everyone who has hurt you, there’s another who will care for you so much.

Have friends. Friends like Chigo who I can send a whole voice note of me crying to, friends like Tolu who makes life much simpler and productive, friends like me, who will hold your hand, pray with you and pray over you.

This as a side note: I’m currently receiving applications for new friends

Above all, call on God. He’s more willing to hear you than you are even willing to speak with him. He says you should call on him and he will answer you. Call. Just call.

Love and light

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