Pearls and Roses

Pearls and Roses

The Shines Of My Beautiful Pearls
The Bloom Of My Unique Roses

My Pearls and my Roses are both just the same
Planted in my garden at different times
Yet they grew up together in their unique ways
Blooming uniquely with their fragrances dripping
Filling a space in their world for their generation to inhale

I remember with much nostalgia
the spices of love, affection
and priceless values my Roses have displayed
Yet the displays are still on
With fondest affection,
I could still recall how often they have wrapped around us
colorful attires of suprise anniversaries and birthdays
even when we give them no piece of such attire in return

Sometimes the surprises do come in dashes of big gifts ,
small gifts for no apparent celebrations
But every is gift is rated precious
because they come from our previous Pearls
Amazingly this display is not about now that they have grown
It has been since they were wee little girls

My heart bless you today my Pearls
May you continue to Flourish in the court of your Lord
Altogether as King’s daughters radiating the beauty of your heavenly Father

Keep shinning as Precious Pearls that you are
Keep blooming as the beautiful Roses that you uniquely are
Shine your shine ,bloom your bloom
Let your light and fragrance continue to drip filling your world

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