Daddy as usual, told us a story to reiterate his point during morning devotion and I’m retelling it.

There was a certain boy who was smart, at least as far as those around him could see. He took a walk one day and saw this cocoon with the caterpillar-turned-butterfly almost halfway out of it. In his childhood wisdom, He gently broke open the cocoon. This was the height of being compassionate as far as this little boy was concerned. He wanted to help the poor butterfly cos he feared for it’s safety.

He carefully broke apart the cocoon and waited for the butterfly to fly away. He watched the butterfly struggle to wiggle it’s way out of the cocoon. It finally flew out but didn’t last up to 10 seconds before it died.

Worried, angry and sad, this boy walked briskly to his uncle to break the sad news to him. He narrated all that happened to the uncle and was taken aback when this uncle told him he caused the butterfly’s death. The uncle explained how he should have instead of breaking the cocoon, let the butterfly fight it’s way out.

The last few minutes of his life slowly flashed before him and drenched in regret, he wished he didn’t even see it. Maybe he wished too that even if he saw it, he didn’t try to grow the butterfly himself.

I also saw a movie titled Time freak (or something that sounds like that) where this guy built a time machine and he was always going back in time to right his wrongs and redo things he felt he didn’t do well.

I can’t exactly remember how the movie ended but here’s the thing. I don’t know what a real time machine looks like. I don’t even know if it’s real. Even if it is, how many people in the world will have access to it cos I’m pretty sure it’ll be extra expensive.

Scrap all that. You don’t have a time machine. Neither do I. That’s we we regret the mistakes we have made; some more than the others and that’s why for mistakes we have made and we feel the most terrible about, we often wish we could go back in time and undo or simply do but sorry that, the time is gone.

Like I said in the last post, do the next right thing. You can’t go back in time. Not now, not ever. Your life is forward-designed and so, there’s no rewind.

Forgive yourself for all the mistakes you made. Things you did but shouldn’t have or the ones you should have but didn’t. Make intentional decisions (and act on them) to be better than you used to.

Again, forgive yourself

Love and light

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One thought on “Rewind

  1. Yes! Being intentional! Looking forward to do the right thing! Looking back, regrets don’t have a gain to us. Pressing forward is of a great reward.


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