My  Psalm

My Psalm

Full of junks, My heart is heavy
Full of clutters, My mind is worried
Pondering over things of now And the future
My bones are weak; My flesh is weak
My marrow is weighing apart
My mouth is empty
Tired of things to say to you
Feeling helpless
Most times tired of praying
Most times want to pour frustration on you
I know not the words to utter
My soul is forgotten
My life feels helpless
I can’t wait anymore for a miracle
I can’t wait anymore for a day
My heart is crying
When will you help me
When will you take off this burden?
When will you give me the life you have promised
Don’t let me wallow in thought
Don’t let me feel worthless
Don’t let me die in my frustration
Don’t let it say where are you
I am distressed
I am perplexed
My flesh is fading
Come to my rescue O God.
Come and make a way
You have affirmed that you will help me
Come make haste to help me.

Let me start like this.
That was my version of Psalms, you know you find words like that from king David, that’s why some people refer to him as the psalmist. we may not say these words but at some point in our lives, our mind, heart, body has spoken this language, and we sometimes wonder if God will be angry with us for this.

Note: In the end, there were words of surrender to God, God loves us so much that he knows when we are perplexed and he wants us to pour it out to him. It’s okay to feel that way, but not to remain like that, he does not want us complaining. Just pray through if you ever have this feeling at some points. He bears our burden and He will definitely not let us down. Trust me on this, after all this, you will feel ease.

David was troubled too, but He continually acknowledge the sovereignty of God and he prayed through and praised through.
How much longer, Lord God Almighty,
will you be angry with your people’s prayers?
You have given us sorrow to eat,
a large cup of tears to drink.
You let the surrounding nations fight over our land;
our enemies insult us.
Bring us back, Almighty God!
Show us your mercy, and we will be saved! (Psalm 80:4-7).
It’s okay to be troubled but
don’t stay troubled
Stay purpled(Cool).
With love,
From me to you.

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