From my baby sister’s shop

From my baby sister’s shop

Life-long lessons

Opeyemi is my baby sister
Olubukande is my father’s special name for her
Trust worthy
Proverbs 3 personified
Now today is not her special day
But a narrative about a lesson I learnt from her being

A visit took me from from my home, where I reside to the city where she makes her home.
Truly her hospitality is contagious
But this day I met her in store where she sells her goods
The store had to be closed for her home to be opened to me

I waited to help bring in items displayed in front of her store.
Zealously I tried to carry so many things at a time
Then she smiled and said to me “Big Sis it’s s not like that”.
“You will wear yourself out that way” she continued with a smiley face
It has to be one item at a time,
One crate after another.

Thank you little Sis
For a lifelong lesson learnt from your store

Enjoy your week a moment at a time🌹🌹


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