Wash and Spin

Wash and Spin

I was in primary early-years when I first saw a washing machine but we didn’t get to have one in our home till I was in primary five and for a long time, only mummy and daddy operated the machine. We watched them always use it to wash ours and their clothes. Mummy wanted us to learn doing laundry by hand or whatever reason cos we washed only clothes that were very thick or difficult to wash in the machine.

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

I’m much older now and I get to choose what clothes to wash or not to in the machine and maybe because I never saw mum or dad wash and spin clothes simultaneously, I didn’t it was possible. I had to wash and rinse first, then spin.

One day last month, I had washed and rinsed one set of clothes and was about to put the second set into the machine. I stood in front of this twin-tub, waiting patiently for some minutes when my cousin walked into the kitchen and asked why I was waiting. I told him it was because I was waiting for the clothes. He asked why I didn’t already spin as clothes being washed wasn’t enough to stop me from spinning the other clothes.

Photo by Andrew Winkler on Unsplash

My normal reaction would have been to find an excuse as to why I wasn’t doing what I could but I would have even sounded so lame. I just jejely swallowed my pride and admitted to the fact that I didn’t know I could do both at the same time.

I’m here after all the grammar I finished writing to tell you that you can wash and spin. Full stop.

You probably know one thing you can do or one thing you’ve been told you’re good at and you believe it so much that you think that’s all that there is to you. May I remind you again dear? You can wash and spin

You were created with so much to give. Don’t let anything hold you back. There’s so much in you that you shouldn’t hoard. So much to bless your world with. As much as you want to create a niche for yourself, don’t get so comfortable that you don’t want to explore all the many other giftings God has deposited in you.

Photo by Stéphane Fellay on Unsplash

In all you do, remember that You can wash and spin. Good thing is that you don’t have to stop one for the other. Thankfully in the case, there’s no case of power outage as we’ll always stay connected to the Holy ghost. Nepa cannot take light and so we have an endless source of energy.

Be unapologetically you. Be all that God wants you to be. Be that even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone. Be beeyouteafull.



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10 thoughts on “Wash and Spin

  1. Thank you, God really wants us to explore the gifts he has given us. We may not know who needs that service that time.


  2. I love the length. Exactly how a lady’s skirt should be: short enough to be attractive but long enough to cover….


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