Shades and Colors

Shades and Colors

Wearing shades was one of the most non-conservative things to. That’s how I felt growing up. i don’t in fact remember wearing shades till I was about 13 years old. It was never part of our Christmas clothes costume. We always received books and toys instead. Even when I felt I was old enough to wear them, I still didn’t cos i felt they always attracted unnecessary attention moving about especially because we lived in a rather rural area.

I’m grown up now and I don’t deny myself wearing shades when the need arises. The sun that shines on some days isn’t good for my oyinbo skin.. lol

Whether or not anybody chooses to wear shades, one thing remains and that it the fact that the lenses on these things are usually tinted (some medicated lenses are tinted too) and that’s what makes them shades. They used to be majorly tinted black but nowadays, there are more than only God know how many different tint colors.

For all the tint colors that exist or ever will, the tint always determines the view of the view. Anybody who wears a pair of black-tint shades will always see people and things a shade or two darker. The person wearing a pair of pink-tint shades see everything around him or her in pink hues.undefined

In essence, we all have biases formed from information we have taken in or even experiences we have had in time past. We see people and understand what they do based on their biases.

While these biases might not be wrong in themselves as in wearing shades – to shield our eyes from the Sun, we may not see things as they actually are and so, we need to pull them off.

It’s very important for us as children of God because the word of God is our standard. Those experiences we’ve had in the past are very valid and I’m nor underplaying anyone of them but dear, if they align with what the Bible says, then they are not true. The word of God is truth, let every other thing be a lie.

So dear, I don’t mean to sound harsh but put those shades in the bin. I love . It’ll help you see things as they are, by God’s word.undefined

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