Beans and Weevils

Beans and Weevils


This will make the beginning of what I’ll tell you in this letter.

I noticed the beans at home was getting really infested with weevils, those annoying creatures so I decided I was going to make moin-moin. Before this ehn, the last beans that was cooked was prayed over by me ‘cos I didn’t want my family member to see it. If they didn’t see it, they’ll eat the food like normal human beings I figured.

I washed and peeled the beans with a lot of stress and went to grind it. came back home, poured the paste into nylon bags and put in the pot to cook

One hour later

Two hours later

Almost three hours later, the moin-moin was almost as soft as when I put it on fire I wondered what I was going to do as my uncle was already back from work and Aunt was going to be home soon. Anyway, I spoke with another aunt who gave me advice on what to do and after about another hour, food was ready. This is just one because from the beginning to the end of the moinmoin making were different emotions, from frustration to amusement to anger to pleasure

Have you ever had this kind of experience? Where you you’re trying so hard to see that a plan comes well together but it appears to keep falling apart? You’re not alone at all. Rest if you must but don’t quit. I can’t wait to celebrate your achievements with you.

Cheers to greatness🥂🥂🥂🥂

I just felt to let you know

How are you coping this lock-down? I’ve had days of complete bliss and I have days of indifference. Some days, I don’t even want to talk to anybody in this house. Some days, I wish I can get hibernated but somehow, I keep getting up each day.

P.S I’m expecting your reply so don’t fall my hands


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