Angels walking

Angels walking

I grew up not ever doubting that angels existed. Yet, I believed people only saw angels when God wanted to reveal something extremely significant or the person must have fasted for a long time and saw angels as a confirmation of whatever they discussed with God. I still haven’t seen any (Or maybe I have, I just didn’t know. Wait…… I think I met one. I’ll tell you shortly).

Many years back, I read Frank Peretti’s This present darkness and I’m not sure I remember anything but last year, I read Piercing the darkness and was reminded how there are always spiritual battles to be fought whether we are aware or not and how the prayers of intercession we pray daily are so important and sometimes time-bound.

Of course in that book, Angels played very important roles. Rescuing people in the nick of time, dispelling demons, helping people (that were being prayed for) make life-saving decisions and all of that. One thing I observed was that the angels working was usually a response to the prayer(s) of saints. This is at least a reason why we must always pray. God hears and sends angels sometimes to work on our behalf.

All this happened last year.

Last week, I started reading Karen Kingsbury’s Angels walking series and I was reminded all over of what I read last year (not like I had forgotten sha). This series has three books in it. Angels walking, Chasing sunsets and A brush of wings. I saw in the book how these angels sometimes had to appear as police officers, janitors, volunteers and even Pastors just to save a person.

While I must state it clearly that firstly, I do not believe in the worship of angels and secondly, all the books I have mentioned are fiction. I am convinced now that somehow, I may have seen angel, even in Unilag.

I went to see my supervisor for the first time and maybe because that day was just a bad day for her or for whatever reason, she wasn’t in a good mood, the meeting didn’t go well. She asked me to leave her office and even told me she wasn’t interested in supervising me anymore. Somebody I had never met o.. Hian! Maybe the devil was just trying to be funny that day.

I cried leaving her office because I mean, how can my village people follow me all the way from Ayegbaju-Ekiti to Lagos? Didn’t they get distracted along the way? I met the PG coordinator and he wasn’t of any help. I stood outside the office and tried to hold myself as the hard girl that I am yet these my tear glands weren’t even obeying me their owner.

I was there for a while when this gentleman walked up to me. He asked me why I was crying and I told him. As far as I was concerned, my whole career was at stake… Lol. He urged me to calm down and told me he was going to be praying for me, that God would touch the woman’s heart. He stood there till I had calmed down and told me to take care of myself. Unfortunately, I didn’t see wings behind him. I haven’t set my eyes on him since that day.

He may or may not be angel but well, he played the part that day. Maybe its the books I just read that was making me think all this but whatever, angels are real. That I know for sure. My dad for one has shared experiences of him being in close proximity who I wouldn’t deny are angels.

Dear, if you won’t remember anything, remember that (1) You are a child of God (If you aren’t saved, you can please send me a message and we’ll talk about it) and God loves to hear you talk always. He never gets tired of hearing you speak. He also wants to speak and is infact, always speaking to you. Just calm down and hear word! (2) God answers prayers. Maybe He likes to use angels sometimes (and of course when they appear to us, they rarely do so with wings) .

Lastly, do not forget to entertain strangers because some have welcomed angels without knowing……

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