Tickle my fancy

Tickle my fancy

Or “God tickled me” or even “Tickled by the the Lord” or whatever title you deem fit. In the midst of all the happenings round the world, I hope you read this short story and smile again.

I had set my alarm to ring at 5:30 am and it did ring. I couldn’t take chances because my cousins were in school, mum was away in a church retreat and daddy isn’t a worker in church and so he doesn’t need to be church as early as Mummy and I need to. As I said, the alarm went off at 5:30 and I snoozed put it off because I simply wasn’t ready to wake up(God safe my sorry ass fro sleepšŸ˜£). The previous day was rather stressful and I slept quite late.

I tried to sleep back immediately I put off the alarm but it wasn’t working. I sha closed my eyes insisting that I wasn’t ready to get to prepare for church.

All of a sudden, I felt it! Yes I did and opened my eyes immediately to check and be sure there was nobody else in the room with me. In my left armpit was where I felt it.There was nobody in the room. Besides, daddy was sleeping peacefully in his room and only both of us were at home.

Immediately I stood up, smiled and said “Okay God I’m a wake now and I’ll get ready for church”.

I got ready in time, made breakfast for daddy and some to take to church for mummy. I also crossed the express just in time . My Pastor saw me and gave me a lift to church.

Here’s the thing. I didn’t hear a loud thunderous clap to announce God’s entry into the room or as a signal that he wanted to do something But in that second, nothing else could make me think otherwise. God really has a sense of humor doesn’t He?

Have a Beeyouteafull week ahead filled with peace.

Love and Light

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