Abike from Lagos

Abike from Lagos

Remember I promised to write another article on adventures with Abike? Well here it is. Enjoy!

We came back from School around 2.00pm that day. We usually closed by 1.30pm but stayed back to make sure things were in order as I was the Head girl. Abike waited for me and we went home together.

Here comes Abike asking me if I have ever smoked. I give her the ‘don’t you know I’m born again’ look and tell her I have never done that. Abike went on to tell me how she used to smoke with paper nd sometimes chalk when she was in Mushin. I listened to her of course with amazement cos what she was saying was totally strange. I mean! We lived lived that revolved around church and home and barely even went out, especially because we lived in a camp and everything we could think of needing was there. Even when we went out, we were always in daddy’s car.

Kai!! Abike o….

She showed me how they prepared the ‘cigarette’ and struck the match, lit the paper and put out the fire. She tool2a little drag and passed the paper to me. I took a little too and gave it back to her. This wasn’t even as fun as I thought it will be. Mtcheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew 😕😡 She too got disinterested and stopped.

By this time, the living room had started smelling of smoke(by the way, our living room was really small) and the sensitivity of my mother is like raised to the power of a million.

This was about 2.30pm and Mummy was probably on her way from school already.


Mummy had gotten home and one could still perceive faintly the smell of smoke.

“Mummy welcome” we chorused. ‘thank you’ she said and began to look around, sniffing.

‘Kí ló ń rùn?’ Mummy asked as she removed her shoes and began to unpack her bag. Abike and I looked at each other and knew we had entered It

‘Kí ló ń rùn?’ she repeated.

Lemme quickly tell you this. I stole and was successful a couple of times while growing up and maybe exuded some other childhood naughtiness but if there’s one thing I was never successful at doing, it was lying.

‘Kí ló ń rùn?’ she asked the third time. I looked at my mum with the most puppy-dog-face I could put on and said “Abike was teaching me how to smoke’

You can guess the next set of words that flew out of mummy’s mouth. “both of you go and kneel in my room” DM for the rest of the story 😂

I am really kind and don’t want you to leave without a lesson so well,

1. Smoking is not healthy

2. Build your convictions. Believe what you believe with all your chest. Write it on the tablet of your heart and believe correctly. Days when what you believe will be tested will come and when they do………..

3. We learn everyday sha 🙁 I think that was the last time I allowed Abike ‘put me in trouble’

4. People grow. Abike is a beautiful young lady right now (apply in person) and I’m sure she won’t give me those silly ideas anymore. You’ve received grace. Be gracious to others too. Be patient with them and love them unconditionally.

Happy new month!

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