My love song  – Day 4

My love song – Day 4

A song in my love garden
I will raise for us a love song in this our garden of love
Two dozens and half of a dozen years, this loveliest garden became ours.
In the presence of our family & friends we made a declaration ,a promise to be kept with a stunning motivation for a lifetime cultivation of a love Garden

So began the cultivation of a love garden specially configured for us by Him who made us one
Unexpectedly our garden began to grow weeds and thorns amidst the beautiful arrays of our roses and lilies
Attractive were our roses and lilies
But hurting were the weeds and thorns
Getting rid of them sometimes made us bled
But the joy of cultivating our love garden comes with healing on its wings from Gileadland

Come my love let us celebrate our love in our garden with the sweetest note from heartfelt swagalicious two ❤❤souls musical band🎻🎸🎺🎼🥁🎷
Hey tender warrior, put my hands in yours and let’s dance to the song of the loved rising from the soundless melody from our hearts ❤❤
A soul knitting music which can only be sung from our loveliest garden❤❤

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