Seven days of poetic expression (7)

Seven days of poetic expression (7)

Tribute To My Sunshine Baby On Her Day Of Birth
When I decided to take up the challenge of writing something about you for 1 whole week before your birthday, I was like Wow! Can I sustain this? But on this very day , I will live to say this to you babe👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉
You are God’s s parade of a beautiful glory so let me just drop this here

Parade Of A Beautiful Glory

Dear BEEYOUTEAFULL, this is a tribute to you for all that you are and for all that the Lord is making you to be

BEEYOUTEAFULL, when you were clayed,God’s s priority was His glory and I have not got a hint that His mind has changed concerning His plans

So see how you are turning in and out to be God’s s delight just because of glorious investment in you who is specially beloved

You are graceful because grace beautifully projects your grateful heart
For not just been alive but that you live your life in Him

Your ” Iretiola” series confirms how hopeful you are that there shall be a performance of that spoken by the Lord that your life will surely be impactful

Over the months and years that you were raised you have been taught to be thoughtful, diligently seeking to be more loveful toward your Lord and His beautiful creation

Inspiration abides in your domain so comfortably splashing delightful colors into your globe and I know for this you have learnt to be grateful

I see you many times sensitively, diligently diligent about managing your resources so well and that is a quality of being resourceful .

I have also learnt to be grateful for the gift of you BEEYOUTEAFULL
For my love for you is heartful Sunshine baby and my heart for you is loveful

Don’t you ever forget dear God’s s ‘ s delight that Mama’s s love is forever

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